Active System:

Searching data: filled.

Engine 2: not responding.

Center Control:

Stars still shining.

Please, lock your seat belt.
Please, behave and don't melt.

Look right, look left, pray soon.

Smoke a lot of cigarettes. Be drunk.

"i need yours arms around me, i need to feel your touch.
i need you understanding, i need your love, so much.
you tell me that you love me, so, you tell that you care,
but when i need you, babe, you never there."

Destiny: approaching.
Dreams: attached.
Death: aligned.

"Everybody get on the floor, let's dance."

Access denied.

Final Message:
Ai, madrecita, we should had to take a bus !

SP 05/11/00
Jean Boëchat
Samplers: Never There - Cake e Shake your Booty - KC & The Sunshine Band.

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